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2016 NC Championships

The 2016 North Carolina State Chess Championships

November 4-6, 2016

Holiday Inn, 4100 Glenwood Ave., Raleigh, NC 27613 (919)782-8600

Live Games ---- Pairings ---- Results
Up to two ½-point byes allowed. Must be declared by 1PM Saturday.
Entry Fee is $75 if received by 10-31 / $90 on site
Championship (1800+)
Open to players rated 1800 and up USCF according to the November 2016 USCF supplement

u2200 $250-$150
u2000 $250-$150
All awards guaranteed.
FIDE Rules except for USCF payout rules.

Amateur (u1800)
Open to players rated below 1800 USCF according to the November 2016 USCF supplement

u1600 $200-$100
u1400 $200-$100
u1200 $200
All awards guaranteed.
Unrated may only win a max prize of $500
Side Events
NCCA Sunday Youth u1200 (Sunday 1PM. Two evenly split groups based on Nov. supplement. 4-SS G/30 D/5. Trophies to top 5 in each group. EF $20/$25)
Schedule  and Time Controls for the Main Event.

Rd.1a Friday (7:30 PM) - G/135 D/5
Rd.1b Saturday (10AM) - G/75 D/5
Rd. 2 Saturday (1PM) - G/135 D/5
Annual Business Meeting - 6PM Saturday

Rd.3 Saturday (7:30PM) - G/135 D/5
Rd.4 Sunday (9AM) - G/135 D/5
Rd.5 Sunday (2:30PM) - G/135 D/5

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