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Tangle in the Triangle

Starting again in October!!!

The Triangle Chess Center will have an OPEN DIVISION ladder.
Time control will be G/75 D/5.
Players in this division may choose to play G/60 + 30/s if both players agree.
This ladder will determine the following champions:
Heavyweight (Open), Middleweight (U1800), and Welterweight (U1400) champions.

Location: Triangle Chess Center
5920 S. Miami Blvd. Ste. 203 Durham, NC 27560

Entry fee will be $5 per week, pay on site.
Registration ends at 6:25PM. Games start at 6:30PM.
If you are running behind you may call Jeff Jones at (919)270-9948 to be paired.

All games will be USCF-rated and require USCF membership.
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