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Tangle in the Triangle

You want some? Come get some!!
The Triangle Chess Center Heavyweight Championship belt

 State your intent to participate

If you plan on entering the upcoming Tuesday Night Tangle In The Triangle please feel out the form below. This is not an official entry form, rather it's just to inform the chess community of who is planning on participating on July 11th, 2017

Player Name:
USCF Rating:

Players intending to appear July 11th.

  1. Alex Chen (2073)
  2. Jeffrey Jones (2005)
We will have an OPEN DIVISION ladder which will feature one game per week at G/75 D/5.
Players in this division may choose to play G/60 + 30/s if both players agree
This ladder will determine the following champions:
Heavyweight (Open), Middleweight (U1800), and Welterweight (U1400) champions.

We will also have an U1000 ladder which will feature our Flyweight Champion.
This ladder will feature two games at G/25 D/5 each week.

Entry fee will be $5 per week, pay on site.
Registration ends at 6:55PM. 
If you are running behind you may call Jeff Jones at (919)270-9948 to be paired.

All games will be USCF-rated and require USCF membership.
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